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15 November 2010 @ 01:00 am
Hello everyone!

My friend and I were lucky enough to be the very FIRST fans ever to be inside Mallory's house. We were just going to drive by and take a pic outside, but happened to get invited in. It was such a great experience and Im so thankful.

Pics this way!Collapse )

*Please do not ask me the location of Mallory's home. I did not realize that someone lives in the house until I got there and I would like to respect their privacy as much as possible after they were so gracious to me.
21 July 2010 @ 09:49 pm


A love book with recipes for Kristen.

Peace…Fans from all over coming together for one single purpose.
Love…For such a great person that we all admire.
Recipes…Cooking is what she loves, lets give her new ideas!

credit to infinitegraces for the banner!

04 July 2010 @ 12:04 am

Okay I found out KStew was at that Love Ranch premiere so I literally ran down there after I got out of Jimmy Kimmel. The red carpet was over and I thought I missed her..infact people told me she was gone. I was all bummed and waiting outside the lobby talking to this dude I saw last time at the new moon. I was all :( and then my dad goes there she is!

All I see is short dress & sneakers. They were taking her out fast before a crowd formed I guess...but not alot of people were out there..anyway I yelled her name and she looked and smiled and was all "im so sorry!! I gotta" and she pointed forward and I just said All i need is a second! and she said something to her bodyguards and they slowed down and i said I came from Florida for you so she said "Okay come on!" and I had to walk quickly with her and ASB & hottie let her stop for a sec.

So im walking with her and im like forget holding my stuff I need this picture..So I dropped my sweatshirt and Kristen goes "oh shit your sweatshirt!" and she was like seriously concerned that my sweatshirt was on the ground and she turns around and like tries to get it and I go "no its fine leave it!" and she looks at me with this adorable face and goes "are you sure?" and I said ya! and then we take the pic and the flash was down so me and her both go "shit" at the same time and she started to giggle and then we took the pic with the flash and she goes "i know im gonna look so bad in that picture" and I was just like "no your not! your amazing..I love you" and she smiled and was pulled by ASB again so she kinda skip/hopped and waved bye.



30 March 2010 @ 11:23 pm

I feel so encouraged lately that things are turning around for the good!

at FGCU today I got an excellant on my presentation with my group in Gender Studies and I feel like I did better then I normally do on my Music Lit. test...I studied really hard for it and some questions I wasnt very sure but im hoping for the best! Plus I got all my classes that I need for next semester...that never happens! lol

School will be over soon though and my worries with that will end to, Thank God! :)

Plus im gonna get back on track with working out and get in shape...being healthy is my goal, not necessarily being stick thin ya know?

Ive also decided to just go back to my happy, positive self and keep my nose out of places it doesnt belong. No more internet drama for me, Im just gonna focus on doing what i love: shipping RK and loving the both of them :D

AND THE BEST OF ALL! June is right around the corner! I cannot wait to go back to LA and go to the Eclipse premiere. life = awesomsauce.

and possibly going to NYC in the summer to visit a friend and probably going to Vancouver in the fall with a friend for BD.

life = awesomesauce.


12 March 2010 @ 11:19 pm


Ive recently lost some of my RL friends over her and IDGAF. I admire her sfm...I miss her. I have to say im so fucking happy for her to. Her career is taking off and she has a wonderful man by her side who loves her unconditionally. It makes me happy that she's found a guy like Rob. He's so sweet with her, he's been inlove with her since day one, he's constantly supporting her, his famly loves her and vice versa.


14 November 2009 @ 11:26 am
Waking up at 2am wasnt to bad! I wonder why ;)

We got to the airport at 4:45, checked in, and next thing you know we were on our flight! It was a pretty good flight..boring but i watched twilight on my laptop so no complaints lol the banana muffin though...they can keep that for themselves..

I will say what I thought Texas looks like, and what it actually looks like are two different things. I didnt know they were so many trees.

Anyway, now were sitting here in the George Bush airport in HoustOn (thanks to Lissa for the spelling tip!). We board in an hour for....LOS ANGELES! im so stoked you have no clue.

I do wish airplanes had wireless...let me rephrase that...I WISH MY AIRLINE DID WIRELESS. k thats better.

I do wonder if its some kind of rule to wear high heels when you travel...can you say OUCH!?

My parents have started a little game...finding "celebrities".....basically they people watch and if they find a look alike they point em out lol they've seen jon gosselin and adam lambert so far :P

keep checkin out my LJ! ill keep updating the entire trip!
13 November 2009 @ 08:03 pm
To say im nervous is an understatement.

Im freaking. What if I forget something, what if 8034708347103 start lining up for the premiere between now and then, what if i continue to look like shit.

I hate my hips, theyre really making outfit choices difficult! lol I officially leave in 8 hours for the airport!

Los Angeles here I come!!! So stoked for the NM premiere with paper_caravelle woot woot!
04 October 2009 @ 12:28 am

People hide stuff...ALOT and it causes friendships to be full of drama...and families to have awkward moments..I say shit all the time and immeadiatly regret it but dont know how to go about fixing it...

SO if Ive said something to you, or about you, or anything in general that you dont like and would like to talk to me about then please do...I dont want you to keep that shit bottled up :)

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18 July 2009 @ 10:50 am
Which modern invention do you think the world would be better off without?
Nikki Reed, Michael Angarano

Oh wait those arnt inventions....eh close enough
Robert Frost speculated about the world ending in fire or in ice. Which do you think is likely to end us all: meteorite, global warming, nuclear weapons, zombies, or the superflu?
The world will end when God wants it to. One day, nobody can know for sure, everyone who is saved will be called to heaven and after that I really pity everyone who will be left. They will see things that they never thought were possible. They will experience the end of the world. Disease, famine, wars. Then after all that everyone who was saved by God's grace will come back and live on an earth that is ruled by God. There will be no more death or pain. I look forward to that day :)